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What is Youtripper?

We are a marketplace for Sport and Lifestyle activities. Visitors can browse and book activity "packages" that have been posted by Partners from our platform. We provide a direct exchange service between activity Partners and buyers.


Why should I become a Partner?

Becoming a Partner allows you to easily package and sell your activity by taking care of all the operational aspects, integrating with payment channels, streamlining offline and online bookings and managing customer service without any compromise on quality.

Additionally, as a Partner you automatically get access to our Front Desk Management tools (FDM) that help you run your online business by tracking bookings, analyzing performance and collecting data from your transactions.


Do I have to pay for a membership or entry fee?

This is the best part, using Youtripper is completely free for the first year of use. You can sell as many packages as you wish without any membership fees or commission. After your first year, Youtripper will charge an industry-low 10% commission on all your transactions.


How do I register as Youtripper's Partner?

Anyone can become a Partner from a registered business, tour agency or private individual; as long as you know how to create worthy experiences for tourists and locals. Visit youtripper.com and click on the "Become a Partner" button on the top right corner. Fill in your details on the registration site and wait for our email confirmation. Then follow our 5 step system to post your first package and start selling.


Who are Youtripper's Buyers?

Our target buyers are affluent Thai, Expats, Tourists residing in Thailand who are looking for activities within the next 24 hours or up to 3 months in advance. Youtripper actively markets and promotes its site for activity explorers in Thailand. This means that we manage a media hub across both affiliate websites, social platforms and ad words to attract a Thai/English speaking audience in key locations of the kingdom including Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Chiangmai, Hua Hin and others.


I already have an online booking system. How does Youtripper's booking system work along with ours?

If you already have an online booking system on your website you can use Youtripper as a secondary online sales channel. It's never harmful to have more than one online presence. This will help you reach out to a larger audience. You can always control the quota of bookings you want to serve and adjust them as you see fit to balance your total online business.


Are you planing an API?

We currently do not have an API available for website integration. However, we are currently working on embeddable Youtripper button that will connect your website traffic to the Youtripper site for bookings through our platform.


How different is Youtripper from the other online marketplaces?

Youtripper is built on its own platform design that was specifically designed to be flexible for a variety of activity providers. Unlike other online travel agents who use template designs with not control for the providers, Youtripper offers our partners full control over their activity packages and listings. Our marketplace facilitates a direct exchange between partners and buyers by exclusively marketing lifestyle and sports activities.


I do not have online markting experiences ...

Don't worry, that's why we're here. Many activity operators have been in business for years but when it comes to e-commerce, are too worried about the mechanics and costs to promote their online presence. We believe that you have all the right ingredients to offer buyers a great experience so let us worry about marketing your content to a global audience. The Partner platform provides Partners with a business-friendly environment for common needs with shared resources to successfully market your content to a diverse web audience.


How do I create packages for selling on Youtripper?

Before you can create a package for selling on Youtripper you must register as a Partner. After receiving our confirmation email you will be encouraged to create your first package using our simple 5 steps (category, description, photos, price, schedule) package creator. After completing all steps, you can preview your package and upload it for approval. Once we have checked that your package meets all our quality standards, usually within 24hrs, Trippers will be able to find and book your package.


Can I trust Youtripper online payment system?

Youtripper is a completely secure e-commerce platform with ssl certification and trusted payment gateway integration via 2C2P with VISA, Mastercard, PayPal, AliPay, WePay, and LINE Pay channels. We have also been verified by the Thailand's Department of Business Development.


When do I get paid for my packages?

Youtripper will transfer payments from your fulfilled packages to your account every Monday. A fulfilled package has cleared a 72hour period without any claim submitted by the Tripper. Should a claim be issued the package fee will be frozen until both Tripper and Partner have resolved the claim through the resolution center.

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