Tripper Refund

We work hard with Partners to make sure that your package experience always meets or goes beyond your expectations but sometimes things just slip through the cracks.

In those instances we allow Trippers to refund payments for packages which break our Best Price Promise and packages that are completely different to their description. You can issue claims in the Review and Claim Center and send us factual proof in terms of photographs or screenshots and testimonies.

Refunds for Best Price Promise claims are usually processed without questions as long as they are in accordance with the required criteria as stated in our Terms of Service

Claim Resolution

In case of a dispute between the Tripper and Provider in regards to perceived expectations Youtripper encourage both parties to resolve their issues in their own interest. Should both parties fail to resolve the dispute within 72 hours, you can file for a conflict resolution by the Youtripper Investigative Committee. We will look into each case individually and pass a final verdict, which is incontestable.

14 Days Resolution Period

We allow each Tripper a resolution period of 14 days to file a claim against a Partner. As a Tripper you must file within this time period to be eligible for a total refund since this is the time frame set and agreed upon by both Youtripper and Partners, in which we are allowed to “collect and hold” the payment. Once a claim is filed by you, the payment is frozen indefinitely until the resolution of the claim.


If you wish to cancel a confirmed Booking either prior to or after arriving at the Partner’s place of service, the cancellation policy of the Partner contained in the applicable Package will apply to such cancellation. Your refund of the Package Price will depend upon the terms of the applicable cancellation policy.

Please be advised that charges unrelated to the Package Price such as Service Fees, Bank Fees or transfer fees are non-refundable.

For more details please carefully read our Terms of Service and Payment Terms of Service.